Middle-Range Theories in Nursing

The theories in nursing have been developed from the observation and experiences of the patients. The methods and types of treatment used by nurses are at least partly dictated by the nature of the patient. Most of the theories in nursing use clinical observations to understand what works and what does not. The effectiveness of a treatment is determined by the results obtained, the methods used, the distance of the patient and the ability of the nurses to meet the needs of the patient.

A very basic theory in nursing is called The Placement Theory. best essay writing services This theory states that in order to increase the efficiency of the nursing process, nurses should take every step possible to make certain that each and every patient have his/her needs met. For example, if a patient has an allergic reaction to one of the medicines, the nurse must try to find out whether the other medicine will suffice. After some hours, the other medicine may no longer be effective. The nurse must first find out what the symptoms were before the allergy to the other medicine occurred.

The Placement Theory can be applied in many different ways, but it must be remembered that a basic theory is necessary for every type of nursing. cheapessaywritingservices.com/how-to-critique-a-research-paper/ If a patient is becoming tired fast, the nurse may need to check the effects of the stimulants he/she is taking, the effect of which is almost always negative. The nurse may need to look into the cause of the fatigue and attempt to find an answer to the problem. By applying a similar test, the nurse will easily find out the real cause of the fatigue.

Another basic theory in nursing is called The Adaptation Theory. The theory states that in every situation, a human being faces two possibilities – to fight or flee. Fighting will result in death. Fleeing from the battle would mean a sudden death.

The second theory in nursing called Adaptation Theory states that the degree of adaptation to a certain situation will determine the degree of survival. The level of adaptability to a certain situation will also determine the rate of growth. Adaptation to a certain situation can either result in growth, or death.

Middle-range theories in nursing have been developed from the experiences of the patients. http://www.bu.edu/energy/ The theories are much more complex and take into account all the information that the patients themselves will give to the nurses during a discussion.

In Middle-range theories in nursing, a patient has two options. The patient can either accept or refuse a treatment.

The main basis of a middle-range theory in nursing is that the nurse should try to find out why the patient is refusing the treatment. It would be very easy for a nurse to just force the patient to accept the treatment. A nurse should do the right thing, despite the patient’s resistance. Every patient is unique and has a different ability to fight or flee.

The basic theory in nursing is that all patients should be able to live. No matter how sick they are, if they have a strong will and a strong desire to live, they can live. Most of the theories in nursing try to help patients live even though they are ill.

The basic theory in nursing is the Venn Diagram. The diagram shows that if a person has a disease, then there are two possibilities.

A middle-range theory in nursing can be of great help to the patient. It can lead him/her to accept his/her illness and try to live with it. The principles of middle-range theories in nursing have been developed from the observations of patients.

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